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Michelle Mac is able to offer two workshops remotely enabling customers who may not normally have access to workshops that suit them and their needs, time or location wise.

Time Management Workshop

Time Management skills are vital for any task. Understand the importance of prioritisation, setting goals and the true benefits to you and your employer. These tips will help you become more productive, procrastinate less and reduce stress in your work and home life.

This Zoom online time management workshop will help you become the master of your time. We make big plans, set exciting goals, and look forward to completing them. But then, we just can’t find the time. Managing your time effectively is a key skill that makes your personal and professional life much less stressful. This course will teach you great time management techniques, from work prioritization to mindset adjustment.

How our time management programme works 

  • Our workshop takes 3 hours to go through a workbook and have a discussion around key points and time challengers.
  • Tailored to meet the individual needs of the participant.
  • Workbooks provided.
  • Held via Zoom  
  • Workshops are held with a between 4 to 6 people involved 

Investment of $150.00  per person plus GST for the 3-hour block.

Business Planning, do you need one or need to have one updated?

In essence, a business plan describes the business in detail, including its goals and how it intends to achieve them. Business plans are typically written for new businesses, though they can be written for existing ones as well. The plan includes the operational, financial and marketing aspects of the venture.

Since COVID 19 pandemic a business plan has become more critical to a business’s survival for every business, it has become the go-to document as a reference point as we operate in the fast-changing environment and challenging economic times. 

If you need to develop your business plan or update an existing business plan Michelle Mac can hold one to one business planning sessions completed in two x two-hour blocks via Zoom over a period of several weeks. Timed to suit you and your needs in these interesting times in COVID 19 Pandemic Environment 

How our Business Plan programme works 

  • Held Via Zoom
  • Workbook is provided
  • One to One basis 
  • 2 sets of two hours over two weeks 4 hours altogether, at a time that suits the client  – 1-hour reality check one month after the initial four-hour block is completed at no charge.

Investment is $800.00 plus GST  for 4-hour session

Michelle Mac dedicated to lending a helping hand and supporting business owners through good times and bad times.