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Billing Policy

Clarity and transparency build a long term professional relationship and that is what we strive for

Michelle Mac prides herself on the clarity of billing; please take the time to read the billing policy.

Initial Meeting

There is a cost associated with the initial meeting. If however, after that meeting if you believe you have gained no value from our discussions, then the cost will be waivered, and we go our separate ways. This is our peace of mind guarantee to you.

Our Process

Terms of Trade

All prospective clients are given our Terms and Conditions of Trade to read, sign, and return with acknowledgement of acceptance.

Billing Options

Prepaid Fixed Price and Time packages

Our clients can purchase pre-paid packages to cover any face-to-face meetings, Skype calls and telephone chats they require during the month. Each package is sold in 3-hour allotments which are valid for the 30 days from the date of purchase (this timeframe can be extended by agreement).

Ongoing Contracted Services

Our clients may choose to be invoiced for the hours they use with a billing policy of either weekly or monthly invoicing applying dependent on the type of professional services provided and the monthly figure is not capped, but a budget outline is agreed to.

Pay as I go, clients

Pay-as-I-go hours are not discounted and are subject to scheduling requirements as they are not regular clients.

People Requiring Immediate Help

From time to time we receive telephone calls where we are called upon to offer situational advice from people who have an immediate and urgent need for help on a very clear and well-defined issue.

Our policy is that we can’t do justice to their issue with a quick response to a rapidly stated quandary. So we have a modest fee for this service, in return for which we will spend up to an hour on the phone (cumulatively) and exchange unlimited emails for up to five business days.

Payment Terms

Except for pre-paid packages, all our work is invoiced either by progress payments or upon completion, with payment due within 7 days. Any invoice not settled within 21 days will be forwarded to a debt collection agency, without notice, and will incur solicitor and collection agency costs in addition to the original outstanding balance.