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A business strategist provides solutions to achieve an identified goal with a sniper mind-set. Once completed they move on to the next assignment and have a very different approach to a coach or mentor who takes a long term view. Strategists are renowned for their direct approach to meet their client’s needs and often tell it as it as.

When would you use the skills of Michelle MacWilliam as a business strategist?

First, you need to understand what a business strategist is and does.
A business strategist is called upon when there is an opportunity, or a crisis has occurred, that needs a person to give an immediate, unbiased overview.

The strategy brings together a time frame, the people, and the financial resources to achieve the goal. It is working in the ‘here and the now’.

While a business plan is an objective to be achieved within one year, two years or five years and it is reviewed annually and deals with the future.

As a business strategist, you are in and out, to assist the business owner in achieving the identified goal, minimising the collateral damage, or dealing with a crisis.

As a business strategist, you ask the hard and probing questions, as they need to get the understanding of the situation quickly. This enables the strategist to provide workable strategies that are relevant and fluid. A strategist will tell you ‘how it its’.

A strategist is different from a coach, mentor, or advisor as they are taking a long term approach and have a range of other services that they offer. The strategist is very much targeted with a sniper ethos to achieving the identified target goal while being aware of the surrounding environments.

When deciding on a strategic plan, for an opportunity or crisis situation, the perfect plan is not set in stone and there is an awareness that circumstances can change at any time.

It can be summed up as a management plan – small increments or moves, which work together in a timed, orderly and financially prudent fashion. Such strategies will create a cohesive movement going in the right direction.


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When do you need a business strategist?

  • When you need a strategy to assist with a specific idea.
  • A financial problem.
  • A crisis – business or a personal problem that is impacting on the business.
  • A strong competitor has entered your market.
  • You wish to enter a certain sector in a market.
  • Or you need an independent, neutral person to act as a sounding board.